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Hello there!

Jivvanya /ʤɪvʌŋʌ/ is created by two soul sisters who love to exercise as much as they think they’ll become ‘Popeye without his spinach’ if they skipped their exercises for a few days! We love doing our exercise but getting a comfortable, stylish and affordable activewear it’s more difficult than it sounds really!

And for that very reason we create Jivvanya. We spent couple of years relentlessly sourcing for great quality of fabric, fine workmanship and comfortable design cut till we’ve got a quality standard that we’ve been looking for and we are sure that you’ll be loving it too! One of our objectives in Jivvanya is to ensure that all the pieces are not only handmade to deliver their functions but also to make you want to look at yourself in the mirror all the time because it is just so gorgeous!

We hope that you love our clothing as much as we do! And we will be so honored to see you wearing our collections, so please use hashtag #iwearjivvanya when you post to Instagram or Facebook cause good things have to be shared, right?!


-Jivvanya Sisters-

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