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High Waisted Legging - Hydrangea

High Waisted Legging - Hydrangea


Inspired by one of the most found flowers in an island where Jivvanya first founded (read : Bali), we create this beautiful Hydrangea prints. The delicate colors that gradually changes from the top to the bottom represents the life of hydrangea that adapts by changing their colors given the different soil conditions. Learning from hydrangea, we shouldn’t be afraid of challenges that we face in our life, instead we make the challenge turns us to a better individual like how hydrangea turns their color every time their environment changes.


Our High Waisted Legging has always been a staple legging in any girl’s closet. With a high waist, this legging will keep your love handle tugged in nicely. And thanks to its high elasticity fabric, you’ll feel that this legging is definitely made for you as it just hugs you at the right places.


Activity - Best for low to medium intensity 
Care - Turn garment inside out, hand wash cold, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean, do not iron

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